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Hi, I’m George!

I’m a passionate hypnotherapist living on the Gold Coast, Australia and I’ve been helping people free themselves from perceived limitations for over 25 years.

I believe we can achieve anything we set our mind to and we are much more capable than what we think. Our purpose on this planet is to evolve and grow and we’re not here to stay stuck or feel limited.

When it comes to making changes in our life, we usually try to do this with our thinking mind. If we want to lose weight we come up with a new eating plan, if we want to quit smoking we try to use willpower or patches, if we suffer from anxiety we might use relaxation techniques or get a prescription.

Many of my clients tried psychotherapy for months or years without feeling that they made any progress. Some have stopped smoking for a while, but started again or they lost weight, but put it back on. If that’s you, let me tell you there is nothing wrong with you and you’re not the only one.

After 25 years of zen buddhist meditation practice, coachings, courses, hypnotherapy, and working with many people I’ve learned a few things about our mind, why we struggle to make changes with our conscious mind and what we need to do instead.

How we experience the world is based on the BELIEFS we formed a long time ago, usually in the very early years of our life and which are stored in our subconscious mind. EVERYTHING we see, hear and feel goes through the lens of these beliefs. This belief system most of the time never got updated. So you’re running your own mind computer with an outdated operating system like Windows 95’ and you’re wondering why you’re stuck!

In order to experience a different life we need to update our belief system in our subconscious mind.

My job is to help you unlock the door to your subconscious mind, find the beliefs that are holding you back, understand them with your adult mind and transform them into powerful beliefs that support your current goals and will catapult you forward towards the life you dream of. 

Certified Hypnotherapist

George Csics

George is a certified Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapist and Coach. He was trained using techniques that are the most advanced and comprehensive around the world.

He works with clients on confidence & self-esteem, anxiety, quit smoking, weight-loss, career and other life changes.

George is registered and a member of the International Institute for Complimentary Therapies.

My Story

How I got here

As long as I remember I had a nature of questioning everything and searching for answers. I’ve always been fascinated by our human behaviour and extremely curious about the drive behind our actions.

My own deep inner journey started when I was a 10-year-old very energetic little boy and my dad decided to put me into a karate school. I will never forget the first day in class, when I was watching others doing their meditation before and after the training.

There was something magical about this moment. Something I have never seen and felt before. It was calm and powerful at the same time. I knew that I wanted to learn that skill.

This first experience was so powerful that 10 years later I was honored to be asked by my master and teacher to open-up my first martial art school and started teaching “The art of living” as I usually referred to it. In our classes we were teaching self-defense but also how we can connect the body, mind and spirit through meditation. 

This was when I first saw how powerful and life-changing coaching can be. Without  knowing it at the time, this was the foundation of my coaching and therapy journey.

Venturing through different career paths during my life, I was always pointed towards bringing people together and helping them improve their life. Whether through training my martial arts students or leading people in some of the world’s largest organisations.

My interest and my questions always remain the same. Why do we do what we do and how can we make it better?


  • When I’m not hypnotising anyone and it’s windy outside you’ll most likely find me somewhere on the water – that orange kite wildly looping around – that would be me 😀
  • I’m a proud dad to two beautiful daughters
  • I was born in Hungary, but I knew since I was little that Australia was my home. I even wrote a letter to the Australian premier when I was 10 about my plans to move. Never got an answer, so one day after school I decided to take the matter in my own hands and started walking. I finally arrived in Australia (by airplane 😉 ) 20 years later and how I got to stay is a whole ‘nother story.. (sign up to my email list if you want to know!)
Our brilliant mind is a very powerful tool and we only use a very little portion of its capacity. I wish for everyone to utilise more of its potential in a conscious way so we gain our power back to overcome those limiting, programmed beliefs and live up to our highest potential.
And for humanity to come back to the realisation that everything is interconnected and whatever we do has an effect on us and everything around us and vice versa. We are not separate from each other and nature. 
“It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive impact you have made, the positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters,”
Amit Ray

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